My Lockdown Skincare, Tanning, and Makeup Routine

The world is a scary place at the moment and I know that everyone is dealing with it differently. I also know that there are much bigger things to be worrying about than what I look like but I’ve been doing a few things that just make me feel a little more normal in a crazy situation. Some people have been going all out and doing amazing full faces of makeup everyday, and if you’re enjoying the opportunity to go makeup free, maybe not even brush your hair, then that’s fine too! I’m still going to work (I work in a hospital) so most days still feel quite normal to me and these are a few of things I’ve been enjoying.

I’m currently on a mission to improve my skin before I get married next year so I’m trying out lots of different products until I find the perfect routine. I’m fairly happy with my skin at the moment and a couple of the products I’ve been using are the Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser and the Retinol Tonic. I alternate these with gentler products and lots of moisturiser and I’ve been confident enough to feel happy going out without makeup most of the time.img_2988

Something that definitely makes me feel confident is tan. Naturally, I’m very pale so I always love tanning and it makes me feel so much happier in my own skin. Usually, I use Isle of Paradise about once a week, especially if I’m going out somewhere, but at the minute I’m not going anywhere other than work or the supermarket so I don’t want to be using pricier products. I picked up a bottle of Dove Summer Revived gradual tan moisturiser and I love it. It doesn’t give me colour like my usual tan would but I still get a subtle glow that evens out my skin tone, and it combines moisturising and tanning in one step!

I’ve also been mixing the Isle of Paradise Medium Tanning Drops with my moisturiser for my face and I’m obsessed. I use just one drop each night and I’m finding my skin looks so much better just with a little bit of tan and glow, and I’ve been really happy to go without foundation most days.img_2987For my makeup routine I’m keeping it really simple and saving lots of time in the morning. I’ve been using the Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer (which I’m so late to the party with but love it!) under my eyes, down my nose, chin, and any other areas which need a little bit of coverage before blending with a damp sponge, sometimes I add a bit of Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter for natural highlight, but then I set the concealer with a little bit of loose powder. I brush a tiny bit of bronzer over my cheeks, I always reach for Benefit Hoola because its the best, and spritz some setting spray to keep my makeup looking fresh all day. I tidy up my eyebrows with some brow gel and, most days, I haven’t even been bothering with mascara and really enjoying it!

I’m really enjoying this routine and I’ve been conscious about using less of my more expensive products, like foundation, while I haven’t really got anywhere to go. However, I’m so excited to do a glam full face for night out when we can!



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