Wedding Planning Update 2: Buying My Wedding Dress

Buying my wedding dress didn’t turn out to be the experience I was expecting, and I certainly didn’t expect to be buying it so early! However, I’m so happy to say the I’ve found THE dress, I’ve just got to wait a while until I get to wear it.

(Disclaimer: I really wanted to write about buying my dress as its a really big moment in the lead up to a wedding, but I’ve tried to do it without revealing any details of my dress and of course there’s no photos, you’ll have to hold on to see it!)img_2991

My original plan for wedding dress shopping was to start around spring this year, and start off by trying on different styles and shapes to see what suited me before visiting local boutiques until I found the one. I imagined trips with my Mam and bridesmaids, glasses of prosecco while we oohed and aahed over dresses, before going for a nice lunch to discuss our favourites. I thought it would take me ages to decide on the dress, because it would have to be absolutely perfect.

Instead, I found my dress after one unplanned trip to a bridal shop in October last year, only a month after booking our wedding. I’d been poring over photos of wedding dresses in magazines and on Pinterest and, although it felt as if I’d looked at hundreds of styles, I couldn’t find anything I could see myself wearing. I kept changing my mind over what I wanted, although there were some elements I thought I was certain on. I actually started to get a bit stressed over my wedding dress; I felt that it would have to be absolutely perfect and something that myself, my friends and family, and Andrew all loved, and that that would be incredibly hard to find.

I’d been looking on the website of Wed2Be a lot and had seen a few dresses I liked. Wed2Be have stores all over the country and don’t stock any dresses over £799. I’d always planned on visiting our local Wed2Be as you can call in at any time and try on as many dresses as you’d like so I thought it would be a good place to try on lots of different styles but I didn’t think I’d find my actual dress there. However, I was out shopping nearby with my Mam and had showed her a dress I’d seen online, and she persuaded me to call in and have a look.

They didn’t have the dress I’d seen in stock but I decided to try on a few anyway, even though I was completely unprepared and wearing black underwear (not a great look in a wedding dress), and picked out some fitted styles and some big ballgowns. I’d tried on four or five dresses and didn’t feel impressed with any of them; they were all beautiful dresses but nothing felt right on me. I then asked the assistant to try on one final style which was completely different to any of the others. As soon as I saw myself in it I absolutely loved it, and when I tried a veil with it I completely felt like a bride and could see myself walking down the aisle wearing this dress. With Wed2Be if you like a dress you have to get it there and then as they can’t keep them aside and as the shop was closing in five minutes we had to make a really quick decision and decided to take the dress home with us.

Now I’ve got my dress I’ve realised that I’m relieved that I don’t have to worry about it anymore and its so nice that I can visualise what I’m going to look like on my wedding day. My dress isn’t what I thought it would be like at all but I know that it’s absolutely perfect. It’s going to need some adjustments so that it fits perfectly, and I still need to go shopping for my veil and shoes, so I’m still going to be able to try on my dress a few more times and show it off to my bridesmaids before the big day.

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