My Home Goals

10 months after moving in to our first home I’m really pleased with how far we’ve come and our house really feels like our own and I quite often love to sit down and admire my favourite parts. However, I’ve realised that while we got lots done in the first few weeks, life then started to get in the way and things I would like to get done in the house are put off for holidays, weekends away, and being busy with work. However, I’d like to set some goals, big or small, that I’d like to achieve.

The Kitchen

I really love our kitchen. I think its functional, has enough space and storage, and we’ve been able to add our own touches that make it ours. The only major thing I’d like to do is tile the wall above the sink and above the kitchen benches. The walls often get splashed, especially behind the sink so I think this would be really practical. I’d love white, metro tiles in a herringbone pattern that would add a really gorgeous touch to the room, and maybe soften the modern cabinets. However, this would be expensive and something we aren’t desperate for so I’m not sure when it would get done.img_1332The Living Room

I absolutely love the sofas, curtains, and blue feature wall in our living room but the rest looks a bit bare. We definitely need some artwork on the walls and there’s an empty corner between our sofas that I’m not sure what to do with. In hindsight, I think the room may have suited a corner sofas and a chair, which wouldn’t cut off the corner of the room. Come December, I’m planning on putting our Christmas tree in this space, but I’m also planning on a set of ladder shelves, as I’d love to be able to collect lots of ornaments and trinkets and have somewhere to put them. Really, I think the living room just needs a few more details to make it more homely.

The Hallway

We have a very small hallway which does cause some problems. There’s also a small, ugly radiator that I’m desperate to pull out and put a storage unit there instead. Ikea do these shoe storage units that are designed for small narrow halls while looking like a lovely piece of furniture with character. We tend to leave our shoes in a heap in the hall and I think this would solve that problem and make our hall look beautiful and welcoming, even if it is small.img_1029The Master Bedroom

This is probably my favourite room in the house as I think the choices we made with colours and furniture are perfect. The crisp, white furniture is softened by pinks and plush textiles, which creates a romantic, feminine room without being too girly. The pretty monochrome palette also ensures the space is calm and relaxing. The only things left to do to this room are to find a mirror for above my dressing table, I’ve not yet been able to find the right one, and put some artwork above our bed. I was thinking of some large black and white prints but now I fancy a neon sign for something a bit different and modern.

I really want to start committing a little more time and money to our home as I don’t feel comfortable with it seeming half finished almost a year after moving in. However, we can only do what we can afford and with a wedding to save for it may to some time to get everything perfect.

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