Wedding Planning Update 1: Early Days

It’s just over a month since Andrew and I got engaged in London, which you can read about here, and I’m really excited to be writing the first pre-wedding post. I’m finding that reading the wedding posts of other bloggers is really helpful and its my favourite type of content at the moment so I really want to document the process of planning our wedding, without giving away too many details of the day!

We’ve already found our venue and set a date for November 2021. It seems so far away but I’m happy that we’ve got plenty time to plan and perfect the day and hopefully that will make the process less stressful. We’ve also got more time to save money and we both felt that two years time would be the right time for us to marry. We’ve chosen a November date as, firstly, we’ve saved quite a large chunk of money by having a winter wedding, plus, I feel like an autumn/winter wedding is so much more “me” than a summer wedding and I’m really excited to incorporate the seasonal feel into our theme.05eb0413-33f6-4361-83dd-42af0b00e4afWe’ve chosen a gorgeous venue that’s quite close to our home and near lots of our friends and family, so it’s going to be really easy for everyone to get there and home again. The venue has everything I could want and it has been so highly recommended for their expertise. I know that the food there is really good, which is important to me, and I can’t wait to dress the venue as it’s going to suit our theme really well.

The wedding might be a while away but that hasn’t stopped me starting to plan. So far, I’ve got someone designing my save the dates, to be sent out in the next few months, and I’ve found my photographer and videographer. I love both of their work and think they’ll be perfect for our day, and booking early has also meant we’ve managed to save some money. I’ve also been to a couple of wedding fairs and I have so many Pinterest boards already brimming with ideas but I don’t think there’ll be too much else going on until next year.fa8182ff-fa14-40d5-a6a7-ff1da65cf1b4I think the thing I’m both most excited for and most stressed about is finding my dress! I’ve already looked at so many dresses online and in magazines and I don’t think I’ve seen one I really love. I don’t think I’ll really know what I want until I’ve tried some dresses on which I plan on starting to next year and I have got plenty time to find the one.

Although it might be a while until my next wedding planning post I can’t wait to write some more and I’m so excited for the whole process, but mostly the day itself and becoming Mrs Wade!

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