Our Trip to London

Andrew and I recently spent a few days visiting London and had the most amazing time. Excitingly, we got engaged while we were there which you can read about here, but as well as that we got to see all the sights and really enjoyed ourselves. I’ve been to London a couple times before so knew where I wanted to go and Andrew had never been before so I wanted to make sure he saw as much of the city as possible.

We stayed with Andrew’s brother, who lives around 45 minutes from London on the train, so it was a really easy way for us to see London without spending loads. Our first stop was Covent Garden, which I like because it feels a bit more chilled than other parts of London, but there’s lots to see. I love the shops there and thought I’d do lots of shopping on this trip but decided to save my money and we just had a little browse before having some lunch.

Next, we went to Trafalgar Square as Andrew really wanted to see it, and of course its one of the most well known London Landmarks. The one place I really wanted to visit for ages was Liberty so we went there next, and I really loved the whole shop. It’s so different to other department stores and is well worth a visit, even if, like me, there’s not much you can afford. I loved the beauty and home departments as there’s so many interesting brands but the best department is definitely the Christmas Shop! It might’ve only been September but it was so exciting and we bought a Liberty bauble as this year will be our first Christmas in our own home and we wanted to remember our trip.

We then had a walk down to Buckingham Palace through the park, which was lovely. We visited London midweek and just after the school holidays so I found it much quieter than I thought it would be. We then had tickets booked for the Shard in the evening so we headed there, stopping for a drink on the way. I would definitely recommend visiting the Shard later on as we got to see the sunset and then watch London light up at night. It was the perfect place for Andrew to propose and I’ll always remember visiting.img_1989The following evening we headed back into London to watch the musical Wicked. I’ve always wanted to watch a show in the West End and I was so excited. Wicked was unbelievable and I really loved it.

We both really enjoyed London, and of course it will always be a special trip for us as its where we got engaged. I already want to head back to be able to spend more time there as there’s still plenty I want to see.

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