5 Tips for Styling your First Home

We’ve been in our house for quite a few months now, and although our decorating is far from finished, I’m impressed with how we’ve managed to put our stamp on it. This is our first home and we’d never had a chance to decorate our own space and our new build home, which was really a blank canvas, was quite overwhelming. I’m still developing my interior style, which I think will be something that I’m always developing, but I’m so happy with how our house is looking now. I’m sharing some tips that I think make styling your first home a little easier and less overwhelming.


1. Research

As we had a few months to wait between reserving our house and moving in I spent hours poring over magazines and finding the styles that I liked – and those that I didn’t. Magazines such as Ideal Home, or Real Homes are two of my favourites that feature lots of beautiful homes, and the current interior trends. I took time take lots of ideas from these magazines, and decide which trends and styles I’d love to follow in my own home. Its also important to think about what styles you want to really embrace in your home, such as painting a whole room a certain colour that you love, and which your want small hints of, such as buying small, cheaper accessories that reflect current trends.


2. Find Your Inspiration

Social media is such a useful tool to find interior inspiration. I love Instagram for finding a huge range of accounts that post about their own homes, from grand, old houses to small flats, and its easy to take inspiration from homes that may be aspirational and ones that reflect your own space.

3. Get to Know Your Space

You may see homes on Instagram or in magazines with huge, high ceilinged rooms and want to copy their style, but if you’ve got a small new build house, that’s not exactly going to work. Take inspiration from other homes and learn how to work them into your space. Also, find the parts of your home where you love the space and places where you might have to put some thought into how to make them work. Think about how best to use that alcove, whether a dark colour will work in a certain room or if its best to keep it light. Also, think about where the light falls in your house and how to make the most of it. Use bright spaces and keep them open and light, and embrace darker rooms and their cosy vibe.


4. Stick to a Budget

If its your first home, chances are you don’t have thousands to spend on designer brands but that does not mean you have to compromise on style. Think about where you want to spend your money and where you want to save, for example we didn’t want to compromise on our sofas, which we’ll hopefully have for years, but I prefer to save on smaller accessories that I’m likely to change up in the future. For things such as curtains, cushions, and bedding, its worth looking out for sales so you can get good quality at a lower price. If there are expensive styles that you love, look for cheaper alternatives. I was set on silk curtains for the bedroom but they were going to be too expensive but I found a gorgeous faux silk set from Dunelm for a good price. I also love nothing more than a snoop round posh interior shops, but I buy lots from budget stores such as Dunelm and Matalan, who have a gorgeous interior department, and supermarkets are great for small accessories. Plus, there’s always trusty Ikea for furniture.


5. Have Patience

Lots of the interior accounts I love have been developing their style and collecting their favourite pieces for years. Although I want our home to look good straight away, I know I’m better off taking time to find items I really love and I will always be collecting accessories. My style is definitely maximalist and I know it will take time to achieve the look I want, as I don’t have the budget to buy everything I like at once. Also, allow yourself to make changes and move your furniture around until a room feels right.

These ideas have really helped me so far, and I’m still excited to see how our interior style develops over time.

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