My Bedroom Plans

Our bedroom is actually really close to be finished now and its definitely one of my favourite rooms. I’m so happy with how the decisions that we made have turned out and it’s really become the vision that I had. It took me some time to come up with an idea of how I wanted our bedroom, I struggled to think of the colours or styles that I liked but I’m so happy with the end design.img_1030Like some of the other rooms in our house I took inspiration from the show home in some places, but I knew I wanted to choose my own colours. The show house had a dressing table at the bottom of the room and a set of fitted wardrobes which I knew I wanted. I could really imagine myself getting ready for a night out, taking my clothes out of my wardrobe to get dressed and doing my hair and makeup at my dressing table and this really inspired the glamourous theme.

I really took my time deciding on colours for the walls and eventually I found myself really drawn to warm pinky-greys. We decided to go for Valspar Heart Stone as a feature wall behind the bed and Valspar Angel’s Sigh on the other walls. These colours compliment each other so nicely and create a feminine feel without being too girly.img_1029For furniture I want to go all white; it goes well with the paint on the walls as well as any other colour scheme in case I want to change things up in the future. It was important that I had my dressing table and this one from IKEA fitted perfectly in the space we had. We’ve also invested in some good fitted wardrobes from the Sliding Door Wardrobe Company in white shaker style as they’re something that’ll be there for years and they look so good in the room, we’re really glad we decided to spend the money on them.img_1031I’ve added in metallic greys and silvers in the curtains and lighting which compliments the walls really well and helps to create the glamourous vibe I wanted. I’m on the hunt for the perfect chandelier for the ceiling. Unfortunately all the ones I like are way too pricey and I’m quite fussy about finding one that is traditional, super glam and sparkly, but also looks modern. It might take me some time but I’m hopeful that if I keep looking I’ll find a good bargain.  I’m also still in need of a mirror to go above my dressing table as I can’t find a style that I like but I think I fancy something art deco.

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