The Weekly Update 11: Living Room Progress

This week we finally got round to doing something in the house that I’ve been so excited for, we had a busy Sunday, and then spent most of the week at work wishing I could be getting jobs at home.

Last Saturday my Mam came round and helped me to paint our living room wall. I’d planned on doing this since before we moved so I was really excited about it. We went for the colour Bandana Blue from Valspar, which is a deep peacock blue, on the wall behind our TV and I absolutely love it. Although I would happily paint the whole room blue Andrew was less keen on that idea so we’ve kept it to one wall and the rest of the walls are still white for now. I think it goes so well with our furniture and the colour is so bold it really makes a statement.img_1019In a few weeks I’m running the Sunderland half marathon with my Mam and Andrew and, to be honest, I’m a bit worried! Although I’ve ran half marathons before I’m feeling really unfit at the moment so I really need to put some effort into training over the next few weeks. We started Sunday morning with a six mile run in awful weather but I do love spending a morning out running in the countryside. Hopefully, I’ll start feeling a bit fitter and more confident over the next few weeks!

On Sunday afternoon I’d planned on doing some ironing, cooking a nice tea, and having a relaxed night in front of the telly. Unfortunately, I’ve been having so many problems with the new phone I bought a couple weeks ago that we had to spend the afternoon in the Metrocentre and then being so tired out I fell asleep in front of Countryfile.

Thankfully, I’ve got a new phone and hopefully I’ll have more time at home this weekend. I’m very excited to have some time off for Easter and I’ve got lots of planning to do for our housewarming party that’s coming up!

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