The Weekly Update 11: Banyan and Giving Blood

This week I met up with my Mam in Newcastle for a girly afternoon with a difference; we did some shopping, went for some food, and gave blood!

This was the third time I gave blood (if you want to read about the first time click here) and I now find it really easy and comfortable, and I don’t get nervous about it at all. It’s really important to me to give blood whenever I can, partly because of the job I do which means I can see how vital blood donation is, and it’s a really easy way to help someone. It takes less than an hour and you could make such a difference, and potentially save someone’s life!img_9315My mam and I always meet up in Newcastle and go to give blood together and then go somewhere for tea. Its nice to have a treat after giving blood and its a good motivator to get us go, and its especially nice to do something together now we’ve moved out. We decided on Banyan which just opened last week. We’ve both been to the Banyan in Harrogate for cocktails so we were very excited to hear they were opening in Newcastle.

It’s in such a beautiful old building (its where Jamie Italian’s was, below The Botanist) with a gorgeous view of Grey’s Monument, the Theatre Royal, and Grey Street and the interior is done so well, I was really in love with it. My Mam ordered the Banyan Burger and I ordered the Brie Burger which was delicious and had a huge chunk of deep fried brie with caramelised red onions. We also ended up getting a bit of a tour off the manager who showed is the private dining room, the amazing upstairs bar with its neon tree and the gorgeous staircase with lighting that I’m desperate to have in my house. He also told us the women’s toilets were worth a visit and he really wasn’t wrong; the ceiling and mirror was covered in faux plants and flowers, complete with a neon sign and I just had to take a selfie.

We both want to go back, and I really want to try some of the cocktail menu! If you’re interested in giving blood then take a look at the blood donation website, they’ve got loads of information on why blood donation is important, what will happen at your donation, and what will happen to your donation.

Don’t forget to check out my last Weekly Update!

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