Ole Henriksen Balance Skincare Routine

The brand that has been talked about so much by beauty blogger and YouTubers has recently launched in the UK, selling in Boots. Ole Henriksen has ranges for all different types of skin, so you can pick a routine that’s perfectly tailored to you. As I have oily/combination skin, I’m always on the hunt for products that really work so I bought a few products from the Balance range.

The idea of the Balance range is to minimise pores (yes please) and reduce oil (me me me!) without stripping skin of it’s natural moisture and leaving it glowing (sounds amazing!). I purchased the Balance It All set – which comes with three products from the range in slightly smaller sizes for £30 which gave me a chance to try out a whole skincare routine for a lower price. The set includes a Find Your Balance Oil Control Cleanser, the Balancing Force Oil Control Toner, and the Counter Balance Oil Control Hydrator.img_9296I’ve been unsure whether to do this routine on the morning or evening; I want to use oil control products in the morning to keep my skin oil free though the day and help my makeup to last but the cleanser and toner control AHAs, including glycolic acid, which I prefer to use at night because they can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight and at the moment I don’t have an SPF to use a the moment. I think I would prefer to use it in the mornings so I really need to find a good SPF, especially as the weather is improving.

I begin with the cleanser, after I’ve removed my makeup if I’m using it in the evening, and I feel like it gives my face a really good, deep cleanse. It’s the only cleanser I’ve used which includes AHAs and I like how it exfoliates leaving my skin feeling smooth and soft afterwards.img_9293I follow with the toner, sweeping a tiny amount over my skin and leaving it for a couple minutes while I brush my teeth. I feel like this does a good job of reducing oil and leaving my skin glowing, although I’m not yet sure if it’s a replacement for y beloved Pixi Glow Tonic.  It also smells like a spa which makes think it’s doing wonderful things to my skin an I was impressed at how much came in the bottle despite the smaller size and cheaper price, you need such a small amount this will last for ages.

Finally, I finish with the Oil Control Hydrator. Firstly, I was disappointed in the size of the product in the set as it won’t last as long as the other products and I don’t think I’ll be able to test it for a long enough time. I do really like the packaging with the pump as it gives me the perfect amount of moisturiser. I would definitely use this as a moisturiser in the morning as its very light and I like how it feels under makeup. However, although I have oily skin I do get very dry patches and this moisturiser doesn’t quite do enough to get rid of them.img_9294This is the first time I’ve used a whole routine from one brand and I was excited to see if it would make a difference compared to my usual skincare. I’ve really enjoyed doing a full routine and I think I have seen some results in my skin; it’s less oily but definitely glowy, I haven’t really seen much reduction in pores but really I think my large pores are genetic and it’s going to be difficult to get rid of them. My skin had been really struggling with breakouts a few weeks ago and that has stopped since I started using this routine.

For more high end skin care I think the pricing is reasonable and I do really like the idea of the sets with smaller sizes which give you chance to try the products. I would definitely repurchase the cleanser and the toner, but personally, I don’t think I need to spend as much on moisturiser and I think I need something more moisturising for areas that are really dry.


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