The Weekly Update 10: Things Don’t Always Go to Plan

I missed a week of the weekly update! Last week I ended up being really busy with work and the one day I had planned out for writing, as well as lots of other jobs, I ended up doing something completely different. Sometimes, I just can’t fit everything I want to do in my day.

Last Sunday, my plans for the day were writing blog posts, getting some jobs done and making a Sunday roast for Andrew and I. However, my phone contract was due so I persuaded to Andrew into a “quick” trip to the Metrocentre so I could look for a new SIM only plan so I could save some money. This turned into spending the whole afternoon in Metro and both of us coming out with new phones. The Sunday roast also turned into a Chinese takeaway.img_9216I’ve also felt like this whole week I’ve been failing on the organisation front – I haven’t had much time for cooking or food shopping, I haven’t been as prepared for work lunchboxes, and I haven’t made it to the gym in the mornings. However, I have been running twice and thankfully Andrew has been home a bit more to make some nice things for tea.

In other news, I can’t believe it’s already the end of March and we’re through winter. We’ve already got some plans for spring and summer and in April we’re concentrating on getting some finishing touches done to the house in time for our house warming party at Easter.


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