The Weekly Update 9: Date Night and Spring Cleaning

I was busy at work this week and really missed my time at home as I didn’t have as much time to cook and clean, and spend time with Andrew. We made up for it with a date night on Thursday, and spent a whole day cleaning and tidying before having friends over on Saturday night.img_9141On Thursday night we went to watch Captain Marvel at the cinema but headed for some food at the new Lebanese restaurant in the Metrocentre first. Fattoush Lounge has been open for a few months and I’ve been really excited to try it as I love this style of food. We started with hummus (my favourite) with the amazing Lebanese flatbreads that are served warm, puffed up with air like big pillows and slowly deflate. We both ordered shawarma chicken with chips, and was served with even more flatbreads and chilli and garlic sauces. The portions were huge, we could have easily shared, and they kept topping up the garlic sauce, which I ate far too much of but is there anything greater than chips and garlic sauce? We finished with complimentary pudding which was a bit like a panna cotta favoured with rose. We couldn’t fault the food or the service and really enjoyed out trip there.

Usually I would want plenty of snacks for the cinema but I was far too full, so we shared a Tango Ice Blast and settled down to watch the film which we both really enjoyed and I would recommend it, even just for the cat called Goose. Even though we live together and see each other every day, it’s still so nice to go out for a proper date and we had lots of fun together.

On Saturday we had friends over for the first time since moving in and the house was really in need of a good clean and tidy. We spent all day having a good sort out and making the house look it’s best. I love doing this and Saturday helped me realise how far we’ve come with the house in a few months and I was quite proud to show it off to our friends.



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