Our Kitchen Plans

The kitchen was a bit of a priority when we got the keys – the first thing we moved into the house was the kettle because we couldn’t go through the moving process without plenty of tea. The kitchen became the quickest room to get done, because we needed to use it, and also because it was mostly done when we moved in. The kitchen is also a really important room for me; my life practically revolves around food, I love cooking, and it was important to have a place to sit down and eat as a couple, or to entertain friends and family. It was important to balance practicality, cost, comfort, and make it look good.

One of the best things about buying a new build home is that we got to choose our kitchen. We were offered the kitchen free when we reserved the house, including all the appliances which are integrated. We chose units with a glossy finish in a warm grey colour, grey wooden-style lino flooring and a dark grey glass splashback. We wanted something modern but neutral so it won’t date quickly but we’ll be able to change colours and accessories in the future. I love having integrated appliances as it creates such a clean look.img_9092The kitchen is a decent size for a two bedroom house; it has room for a small table with plenty of room to move around while cooking and it’s comfortable to have a couple extra people round for dinner. As the table is directly in the middle of the kitchen we chose a glass table with fairly low, compact dining chairs so it wouldn’t block off the room and I think this works well. There are large French doors along one wall of the kitchen, this makes storage a bit tricky as you’re losing a whole wall but it gives fab views of the garden and lets in loads of light, especially as the kitchen and garden are south facing. I can’t wait for the summer when we can open the doors wide onto the garden.

At one end of the kitchen there’s a cupboard, which is really practical for storage, and a space that, at first, I found a bit awkward and useless. It’s too small for a table and is at the opposite end of the kitchen to all the units and appliances. I knew I wanted some sort of unit there and found a butcher’s block in Ikea that I love and fits perfectly in the space. We use it to sit our microwave on, and the shelves underneath are really handy. I use baskets to hide things away and keep mixing bowls and serving plates on display. We’re also going to add shelving above the unit as place to display ornaments and nice glasses, as well as jars of pasta and rice.img_9093I love the industrial style and want to incorporate more of this into the kitchen. We’re on the hunt for the perfect ceiling light in this style. All my accessories in the kitchen, including the microwave, kettle, and tea and coffee pots, are copper because I love the idea of having a touch of glam in the kitchen. I think it’ll be really nice when entertaining to have some glam touches, such as my copper cocktail shaker, on display. There are also touches of pastel pinks and blues which work really well with the units. I would love velvet chairs in pink or blue for a really luxe touch but that was a bit too expensive for us. We found these chairs in Ikea for only £35 each and I convinced Andrew to have two in blue and two in pink, I think this looks really fun and, actually, they’re much more practical in the kitchen than velvet ever would be.

For now, the kitchen walls are white and I don’t know if we’d ever paint them and I don’t know what sort of colour I’d choose. Some extra things I want to get for the kitchen are a blackboard for planning meals, and some good storage ideas to organise our cupboards and drawers.


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