Urban Decay Naked Reloaded Review

I bought the original Naked Palette about five years ago with my first pay from my first job. I was so excited to buy it and used it every day. It sparked my love for Urban Decay and their palettes and I continued to buy every Naked palette they brought out, but I always came back to Naked Original. I loved the bronze and gold shades – it was versatile and I would wear it to work or sixth form during the day, and a glam look every Saturday night. The first Naked palette was the OG, it set the bar for other brands and was followed by a lot of imitations. When Urban Decay announced last year it would be discontinued I was shocked. How could you have Naked 2, 3, and all the rest, without the Original? But, I had a sneaky feeling they would be coming back with a reformulation.

They did, and launched Naked Reloaded, a nude eyeshadow palette which takes the Naked collection back to its roots but with better formulations and shades that fit current trends – warm browns, corals and pink tones, soft highlights, and transition shades. It’s just a versatile as the first Naked palette but they’ve ditched the purple and blue shades in favour of more useful nudes. All the shades blend nicely but there is a small amount of fall out from the shimmers.img_9068I’m also impressed with the price of Naked Reloaded. At £38.00 its not the cheapest, but for twelve shadows including four larger size pans, I think it’s good value. They’ve kept the price lower than the more Naked palettes by keeping the ditching the brush that usually comes with their palettes, and keeping the packaging slimline. The case is still luxe, cushioned satin with a gold print, but I’m not sure how practical a fabric case is.

I think Naked Reloaded exactly what a Naked palette should be; a gorgeous collection of nudes that are universal, versatile, and easy to use. It’s the perfect palette for any makeup bag and it’s such a good addition to my collection, and I think Urban Decay have done an amazing job of updating the original Naked palette for a modern version.


2 thoughts on “Urban Decay Naked Reloaded Review

  1. I absolutely love the look you created with this palette! I think it’s such a smart move that UD removed the brush from the palettes. When the original Naked palette came out, there were probably a lot of people who didn’t have a good collection of eyeshadow brushes on hand (like me, lol). But, today, I feel like that has changed. Great post!


    1. Thank you! Yeah I feel like the brushes were a good idea originally, I always used mine, but now there’s so many brands do affordable brushes that I think most people would prefer to buy their own now

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