The Weekly Update 6: House Cleaning and Date Night

I’ve been on nightshifts most of this week so I haven’t really done much apart from sleep so this week’s post may be a bit short. However, when I started the weekly update I promised myself I wouldn’t skip a week, no matter how boring or short it may be, and six weeks in I’m not about to break that now.

Andrew was in Benidorm for most of the week on stag do so I had the house to myself. The peace and quiet was appreciated while I was sleeping after nightshift but I am glad to have him home. I had a day off on Thursday and set myself on a mission cleaning the house. It comes to something when you’re getting excited about mopping your kitchen floor for the first time but it’s so satisfying having a good clean of the whole house.

On Saturday night Andrew and managed to spend some time together for the first time this week so we headed our for tea at Man vs Food  in Consett before a couple drinks. We had the sharer for two so we could try a bit of everything and it was HUGE but we really enjoyed it, although it could definitely be shared between at least 3 people as we couldn’t finish it all.

I’ve also manged to get out for a couple runs this weeks, which I’ve enjoyed, but haven’t been helped by this heat wave we seem to be having! I’m really enjoying the sunshine though and it’s nice to see the first signs of spring. We’re both off work next week and we’ve got lots planned so next weeks update should be more exciting.

Check out my last Weekly Update here: The Weekly Update 5: The Importance of Routines and My Fitness Goals

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