My Living Room Plans

We’ve had the keys to this house for almost two months and I’m actually really surprised at how well it’s coming along. No room is completely as I’d like it but each one is coming together well, with only finishing touches needed to finish it off. Recently I wrote a post about how helpful I found mood boards when designing the interior of my home so I thought I’d share my plans for each room, beginning with our living room.

Currently, our living room has all the important things; sofas, a TV and stand, side tables, and curtains but its lacking a lot in finishing touches and is still quite far from how I’d like it. A lot of inspiration for our living room actually came from the show house, which is how we decided on blue, but I’ve definitely put my own spin on it. I love the trend for dark blue interiors but as our living room is quite small I knew I couldn’t go full on blue.img_8662My plan is to paint the wall behind TV a deep blue, I think the shade Bandana Blue from Valspar is my favourite, and leave the rest of the walls white for the time being. This wall is quite small so it won’t overwhelm the room, or make it too dark, but also make it feel cosier and add a gorgeous feature, as well a creating a backdrop to make my ornaments and TV cabinet stand out.

I also liked the idea of some retro pieces to contrast with the new build house, with dark wood and metals. I’m really into 70’s inspired interiors, something I never thought I’d say, particularly long, low wooden cabinets. Our TV cabinet had to a very specific size to fit and I was very fussy about it; I don’t think TV stands are always the nicest things and I wanted something I would really enjoy looking at. We eventually decided on the Jefferson Wide TV stand and its perfect for our living room. It has plenty of storage and I like how it’s not completely open (because the BT box and the PlayStation aren’t the most attractive things) and the reclaimed style wood really adds a retro, industrial vibe. Our sofas are also from Next; after a lot of hunting we decided on the Wilson sofas in dark blue boucle because I love the retro, structured shape and the legs.img_8598-1I also want to create quite a luxurious, rich space which I want to try and achieve through textiles and ornaments. Blue velvet curtains are top of my list and gold or brass ornaments. There is a lot of blue going on, it is my favourite colour, so I want to break it up with some yellow to bring in some brightness and contrast with the blue. I also want prints on the wall and I’ve got my eye on this Window Mirror from Next.

I will be doing an update once the living room is closer to being finished. I’m sort of aiming for Easter so we can get our family and friends round but I also want everything done properly and don’t want to rush.


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