The Weekly Update 5: The Importance of Routines and My Fitness Goals

When you work shifts, routines are hard to stick to. However, I love a routine; knowing where I am and what I’m doing each day is so helpful. From my morning routine, to skincare routines, my gym routine, life is definitely easier if you can stick to them. Since moving in to our new house routines are something I’ve tried to get in the habit of but this has been difficult because we aren’t used to living together and we’re in a new place, plus we never know where half our things are. This week I’ve been thinking a lot about my routines and I finally feel like they’re starting to work.

Mornings were a bit tricky at first. When I was getting up early but Andrew was on a later shift I was having to try and sneak around to get ready. Now, I make sure I leave all the things I need in the other room the night before, which makes my mornings much easier. Even when it’s early and I’m tired, I make a point of making time for breakfast and coffee at the kitchen table before getting ready which I really love doing.img_8822I’ve also been trying to take better care of skin and stick to proper skincare routine morning and night. My skincare changes quite a lot as I love to try new products and my skin has different needs but each night I make sure I double cleanse, exfoliate, use a serum, and moisturise. Partly because I want to improve my skin, but we’ve now got all white bed sheets so I need to make sure my makeup is off completely so I don’t ruin them.img_8823Another routine I love is making and eating tea on an evening. This isn’t always possible because we work different shifts and sometimes get in at different times or very late but, if I’m making tea that night, I love to put some music on while I’m cooking and then we both sit down at the kitchen table to eat together. We don’t have television on, just leave on some music, and it gives us a chance to catch up after work and properly enjoy tea together.

My fitness routine is something I’ve really been making an effort with over the last couple of weeks. My fitness is up and down all the time; there’s been times where I’ve been super fit and really toned because I’m training all the time and there’s been times where that’s not so true. This time last year I was two weeks away from running a marathon so I could run further than ever before and I was training hard in the gym so I was really strong. Last summer however, I started to find it hard to fit any training in so my fitness definitely went downhill. I’m now starting to get back in to training and feel so much better for it. I’ve been running two or three times a week, just short distances for now, and getting to the gym at least twice a week.img_8824In May, I’ve got the Sunderland Half Marathon so that’s my main goal to improve my fitness for. This will be my sixth (I think) half marathon so I would love to start improving on my times. I’ve got plenty of time to train so this should be possible if I stick to my routine. Improving my strength and getting a bit more toned in the gym is also my aim at the moment. I stopped enjoying the gym for a while so getting back into that by trying some new exercises and techniques, and going with Andrew, is making it more enjoyable. Also, fancy (expensive) new leggings seem to be a good motivator to get me in the gym.

We’ve only been in this house for just over a month so we’re still figuring things out and I’m sure routines will start to fall into place but it’s nice to put a little effort into making life easier and more organised – I find it leads to having more free time, or more time for sleep, and it’s easier to achieve everything you want to do.

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