The Weekly Update 4: Riverview Bakery

Considering I had a few more days off this week I didn’t really do much. We stayed up watching Peaky Blinders every night, had a lie in every morning, went to the gym a lot, but on Wednesday we visited the Riverview Bakery, a little café near us that I’ve just recently discovered. It’s at Blackhall Mill, a little village next to Chopwell, near Gateshead.

I’d never heard of this place until my dad took me one day, and I was so impressed so I took Andrew for lunch. The Bakery has a café attached with quite a big menu from sandwiches and paninis to mince and dumplings, and Sunday dinners. The girl at the table next to us recommended the Giant Yorkshire Pudding, but we just went for chicken, mozzarella, and pesto paninis, which were really nice. I’d like to go back for more of their main menu, they’ve also got a good breakfast menu which I’m really excited to try.

The thing I was most excited for here was their bakery counter. It’s so impressive and I could’ve bought the lot. They make and sell their own bread, pies, pasties, all sorts of pastries and some really impressive cakes. We ordered a slice of chocolate and cherry cake and a peach melba. Both of these were enormous so we shared the cake, which was delicious, and took away the peach melba to share at home. Peach melbas always remind me of being little for some reason and they’re one of my favourites, and I definitely wasn’t disappointed with this one.img_8720I’m actually spoiled for choice with good cafes near me now and I’ll be going back to this one. Our original plan had been to go for walk in Chopwell Woods afterwards but it was cold and we decided to go to the Metro Centre instead, but it’s in the perfect place to follow your visit with a walk so that’s what we’ll be doing next time.

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