Decorating? Why You NEED to Create Mood Boards

When we reserved our house last August, one of the first things I did was get a big scrapbook and create mood boards for each room. I had so many ideas of how I wanted the interior and I found mood boards such a useful tool to bring my ideas together.

We knew we had several months between reserving our house and moving in, so I had lots of time to think about the interior. Creating these mood boards became my escape between the stress of mortgage offers and boring solicitors’ paperwork. I could get really creative and think of all the possibilities for the interior of our house which I found so exciting. It gave me a head start on the process of decorating our house; from having a loose idea of colours I liked, to finding what colours and shades worked together, what sort of furniture I’d like, to how to accessorise a room.img_8620It made shopping for our home a lot easier. I loved trailing all the home departments although they could become overwhelming. Having the mood boards to reference meant I could go shopping with specific ideas in mind and find furniture that was exactly what I wanted, as well as accessories that I knew would go with them.img_8663There’s different ways to create a mood board; there’s a few websites to do it online (I’ve linked some at the bottom), use a Pinterest board to collect inspiration, or on paper like I did. I bought a bundle of home magazines, my faves are Real Homes and Ideal Home, a sketchbook, and sat down with a pair of scissors and a glue stick.

I already had an idea for the sort of theme I wanted for each room so when I spotted something I liked, I could stick it straight on my boards. I used pictures cut from magazines and catalogues, patterns and colours I found on cards or packaging, and swatches of fabrics. I collected mountains of paint samples and narrowed them down to what I liked – I also chose some colours to use as accents rather than wall colours. Some shops provide a swatch service which is really handy when choosing sofas and curtains; we got our sofa from Next and I ordered loads of swatches beforehand, and used Curtains2Go for some fabric swatches when looking for ideas for curtains.

I’m going to be uploading posts talking through each of my mood boards for each room so keep your eyes peeled. It’ll be interesting to see how closely I stick to the original ideas on mood boards as time goes on.

Find my Pinterest Boards for each room here.

Sites for creating mood boards:








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