The Weekly Update 3: Lots of Food and Big Things Happening at Home

I’ve got another few days off this week and I have lots of plans because, even though I loved going away last weekend, catch up on that here, it meant I couldn’t get anything done at home. So there’s lots of house work to be done, a few little details to get sorted, but also a few more exciting plans.

On Saturday my mam and I had a girls night out, starting with some food and a bottle of prosecco, before going to see a show at our local theatre. We went to see Dirty Dusting, a play about three elderly cleaners who set up a sex chat line to make some extra money. It sounds weird but it was hilarious. I never usually go and see things like that but I would definitely go again!

Sunday started with a totally lazy morning but I actually got loads done. I finished last weeks blog post, did some washing, ironing, changed the bedding, hoovered, and made a sausage casserole for tea. Something we’re trying to do is plan our meals so we don’t have to go shopping every day. It makes it so much easier when we both work different shifts – I might do a separate blog post on how we do this, hopefully we’re going to stick to it.img_8574On Monday we both had the day off so got up and started the day with the gym, before coming home where I cooked a really good, healthy breakfast. Our healthy morning did not turn into a healthy afternoon as we headed out shopping and had a hotdog in Ikea and finished with tea in Yo Sushi. It was soo nice but we’re trying to be a bit healthier for the rest of the week. I even made it to the gym on Tuesday night after work, I usually hate the gym on an evening as it gets so busy but it was actually ok, and I was so proud of myself I made a Gymshark order to celebrate, oops.

We’re having a few problems with our plans for fitted wardrobes; we ordered some sliding doors from B&Q, which we really liked, but when they arrived we realised they hadn’t ordered all the bit we needed and they were going to be smaller than we wanted them to be. So we visited a couple companies and they’re coming out to measure so we can get quotes to have them built and fitted properly. However, I think it could be March before we get any wardrobes so I’m going to have to put up with living out a suitcase for a bit longer.img_8598Thursday was all go in our house. We had someone come out and measure for the wardrobes which we’ve now booked to have fitted (very exciting), had our kitchen blinds fitted, one of our bedside tables arrived, and our second sofa finally arrived (very very exciting). All of the big things in our house are getting sorted and rooms are really starting to come together, it’s only really little touches we need now to finish everything off.

The week ended with snow so my only plans are having few cosy days at home and getting some housework done, (is it weird that I actually enjoy housework in my new house, I wonder if the novelty will wear out eventually?) so we’ll catch up next week!



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