Homeware Haul: Next, Ikea, ASDA

Although we’ve got most of the important things sorted for the house, there still seems to be loads of stuff of we need, from some framed prints for the walls to shelves, or mirrors, and kitchen knives. We’re just picking things up here and there, and although I can’t wait for our house to look a bit more finished, I know we’ll get there eventually. Over the last week we’ve been shopping and picked up a few new bits for the house.

*I’ve tried to link everything that I can here, but somethings were bought at sale price or I can’t find online, nothing is affiliated or gifted.



We both want loads of plants in our house, I think the greenery adds freshness and I just like having plants on the house. We headed straight to the plant section in Ikea to pick up a range of real and fake plants yesterday, ranging from £3-12. We’ll see how long I can keep the real ones alive though.

Kitchen Shelving 

My original plan was to shelve one corner of our kitchen with separate shelves. However, I spotted this shelving unit in Ikea for £50 and think it’ll be perfect for what we want. We plan to store pasta and rice in glass jars, and display our nice glasses and cocktail shaker. I like how its got different sized shelves, and a rail with hooks at the bottom, as well as the being a gorgeous grey colour which will make it a lovely feature in our kitchen.


Kitchen Utensils

I was on the hunt for a slotted spoon for my poached eggs when I spotted this copper utensil set in ASDA for only £7. Since all our other kitchen accessories are copper I couldn’t resist and they’ll go perfectly in our kitchen.

Le Creuset Utensil Pot

My dream would be to have a full matching set of Le Creuset cookware but it is really expensive. We were in need of a utensil pot for our kitchen so when we were at the shopping outlet at York I headed straight to Le Creuset where I found this one for £24.50 and they’re usually £35 full price. Its in the shade Coastal Blue, which looks perfect in our kitchen, and is a size large.

Gerald Giraffe Lamp

We seem to have a bit of an animal theme going on in our house, so I couldn’t resist this giraffe lamp. I think its so cute with his little head sticking out the top and will look great on a side table in the living room. We found him in Next for £32.

Monogram Door Hooks

I really want to put door hooks every where, the bathroom, our bedroom, our bedroom cupboard, as I think it’ll be so practical for hanging dressing gowns and coats. These hooks, complete with our initials, will look so cute in either our bedroom or bathroom for us to hang our dressing gowns on. We found them in Next for £7 each.

Toilet Roll Holder

This isn’t glamorous, but a necessity all the same. This chrome toilet roll holder from next was only £10 and matches our other bathroom accessories. I actually like how it’s freestanding, so it doesn’t have to be screwed into the tiles, and has space for extra rolls so you’re never caught out.

Pasta Bowls

We already have the Hutton Dinner set in grey from Next, so we picked up two of the matching pasta bowls for £3 each. I much prefer eating pasta, rice, or stir fries from a pasta bowl as it keeps much warmer and I find it easier to eat.

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