The Weekly Update 2: Weekend in Harrogate

Andrew and I both ended up with some time off last week and fancied a weekend away. I did think about driving to the airport and getting on a plane but I’m not quite that spontaneous so we eventually settled on Harrogate in North Yorkshire. We couldn’t leave until quite late on the Friday and Harrogate is only an hour and a half away. I knew it would be the sort of place Andrew would love.img_8474We weren’t too impressed with out hotel; it was supposed to be four stars and it definitely wasn’t but since weren’t spending too much there we didn’t really mind. As soon as we got to Harrogate we got ready and went out for food and some drinks. It was sooo cold last weekend I literally could have cried when we went out and it was snowing! I only had a jacket because, of course, I couldn’t sacrifice my outfit for the sake of being warm. We went to Las Iguanas for nachos, burritos and mojitos before going to Banyan for some cocktails.

Saturday was also realllyyy cold, but at least it wasn’t snowing, and we spent the day wandering around Harrogate. There’s a gorgeous park in Harrogate, although it would definitely be nicer in summer, and some really posh shops which are really fun to look around even if I can’t afford to spend in them. Trips to Harrogate aren’t complete without visiting Betty’s Tearoom so we had lunch there on the Saturday. We had to queue for a little while in the cold but it was so worth it. I would love to go for afternoon tea there one day, that’s what they’re famous for, but I just went for a smoked salmon and avocado sandwich and a pot of tea (complete with tea strainer, I felt really posh) and took some macarons home from their shop. Betty’s is a Swiss style tearoom originally from 1919 and the gorgeous interior has stayed much the same since, and with the waitresses dressed traditionally it feels like you’ve gone back in time, plus the food is amazing too!

We then went back to the room, had a bit of a nap, and got ready to go out again. We went for food at Scran which was so good, you need to check out my review of that here, and went for a few drinks afterwards. Because it was so cold all weekend I’d worn my hat, coat, scarf and gloves to go out and then had to try and find somewhere to put everything when I decided I wanted a dance.

On Sunday we just headed to Wetherspoons for breakfast, although Harrogate’s Spoons is the poshest I’ve ever been in! Also, pancakes, bacon, maple syrup AND hash browns is a good combo. We then went to the shopping outlet near York where were meant to be looking for some things for the house. We bought one thing for the house, a utensil pot from Le Creuset, but mostly we were bargain hunting in Ralph Lauren.

Sunday night we came home, unpacked, and had a chilled picnic tea with camembert and dippy bits to finish off our weekend.

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