Scran: Harrogate Restaurant Review

Last weekend Andrew and I had a weekend away to Harrogate. I’m sure every time I visit there I have some amazing food and this trip was no exception. On the Saturday night we visited Scran, a restaurant which is part of the Yorkshire Hotel but unlike any hotel restaurant I’d visited before. I’d spied the restaurant when walking past the day before and was really intrigued by the menu. Scran do small plates (Small Scran) which you can share, kind of like tapas, or mains of burgers and steaks (Big Scran).

Scran /skran/


– meaning food. “I can’t wait to get some scran, I’m starvin’.”

The restaurant is small, with a busy bar attached, but I loved the styling of a luxe, smart setting with a casual atmosphere. Think ambient lighting from some statement chandeliers and some unique artwork on the walls. Well spaced tables and comfortable seating make it a gorgeous place to enjoy a meal as a couple or a group.

As a person who goes to a restaurant and wants to order ALL the starters and is never that bothered by the mains, small plates is my DREAM style of dining. I love getting to try a bit of everything and share with Andrew (even though I’m always stealing his food when we go out) and it makes deciding on what to eat that bit easier. I also think it makes the dining experience really fun and Scran’s menu is a combination of more traditional dishes combined some really quirky plates. From smoked haddock fondue to the Scran Happy Meal, sliders with fries and a mini milkshake, every dish sounds as delicious and interesting as the next.img_8487For starters we chose Harissa Spiced Hummus with Garlic Pitta, obviously because I love hummus, which was delicious. We chose two more plates each and I appreciated how they were brought out in pairs which meant our table wasn’t overloaded with food. Next, we shared Lamb Ragout, which was slow braised and so tender, served with deep fried macaroni cheese, which was just as amazing as it sounds. We also chose Salt and Pepper King Prawns in a sweet chilli sauce, which we really enjoyed as they were delicious and simple.img_8488The next plates they brought us were the Weeping Tiger, rare, sliced fillet steak with a chilli and soy sauce and noodles, and little chicken kievs with a chicken and mushroom gravy. The steak was beautiful and I could have happily eaten that as a main meal, and the kievs were nice but I think by that point I’d had a bit too much meat to really enjoy them.

The thing with small plates is you think you aren’t eating that much, and at the start we did wonder if we’d ordered enough, but by your last course you’re stuffed. However, no matter how much I’ve eaten it’s rare I don’t have room for pudding and looking at the dessert menu at Scran, I couldn’t resist. Andrew, who isn’t often a pudding person, chose the Rhubarb and Custard, a crème brulee with a rhubarb compote underneath, a modern twist on a Yorkshire classic. Of course, I had spoonful or two and can confirm it was delicious and perfect if you wanted a slightly lighter pudding. I was tempted by the doughnuts. This was not a “light option” but oh my god it was my dream pudding. Five mini, freshly fried doughnuts served with a chocolate dipping sauce and toasted marshmallows. Basically a bowl of melted chocolate topped with mini marshmallows which, once I’d eaten all the doughnuts, I ended up eating with a spoon because it was so good. I would like to mention that I did share one of my doughnuts with Andrew.img_8494-1If you’re in Harrogate, I don’t think Scran is a restaurant that can be missed. It’s not cheap, really it depends on what and how much you order, but for a treat or a special occasion it’s well worth the money for the experience and quality of the food. The service was also great and attentive, there was a large group at the other end of the restaurant when we visited but this didn’t affect the quality of service or the timing of our food at all.

The next time we visit Harrogate, we definitely want to go back as there’s so many other dishes we want to try!



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