The Weekly Update 1: Nightshifts and Noisy Builders

Welcome to the weekly update! Ok, so I’m setting myself a challenge here. I am a terribly inconsistent blogger – whether it be because of a lack of time to write, a lack of ideas, or sometimes I have posts written and never take the photos to go with them. I think my inconsistency stops me thinking of myself as a “real blogger” and really effects my engagement. So, every week, I’m going to write a post about everything I’ve been up to no matter how boring I think it may be. I’m not going to put pressure on myself to take loads of perfect photos for these posts; if I’ve got some pics I’ll use them but if I want to concentrate on writing every week then that’s what I’ll do. I guess some posts will be really long if I’ve had a lot going on and some will be quick updates. My plan, at the moment, is to have the post written by Friday and ready to upload on Sunday. This means my weekends are free and I’m not worrying about writing.So, we’ll start with Saturday. I had the first proper clean of the house since we moved in and it was so satisfying. I had a friend coming round in the afternoon and wanted to get everything looking nice and the house really needed it! I finished Saturday treating my mam to a Wagamamas. On Sunday we swapped our usual run for a walk with the dog since the weather wasn’t too good. I made tea for Andrew and I out of Jamie Oliver’s Five Ingredients book. Everyone needs this cookbook! I made chicken breasts covered in pesto and wrapped in pastry with some veg, so simple but absolutely gorgeous! We’ve been drooling over loads of the recipes in this book and I’m excited to make more. I also love the chilli noodles and the sausage and bean bake from it.img_8362Even though we hadn’t been in this house two weeks I ended up moving back home on Monday. I was nightshift Monday and Tuesday and, because we’re surrounded by building work which makes A LOT of noise, if I wanted a good sleep during the day I had to go back home. Having a lie in is also a thing of the past thanks to the builders, although I suppose I can thank them for having my washing on and some jobs done before 9 this morning.

P.S Check my Instagram @rebeccaatnumberone for more updates and everything that I’m cooking at home!


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