Introducing Rebecca at Number One

The first big thing for my blog this year; a brand new name! Rebecca Says… is relaunching as Rebecca at Number One as a way to reflect my blog’s content and encourage me to share more of my life in new home!img_8237Rebecca Says… was a name I came up with when I started out and couldn’t come up with anything else. At the time, I didn’t have much idea about the type of content I wanted to create but loved to try all different things. My blog was going to be a place where I shared my thoughts and opinions and the name Rebecca Says… reflected that and was also personal to me. I knew I didn’t want to be stuck with a name I would regret down the line and while I don’t hate the name, I always kind of planned on coming up with something better that I really loved.

Just before Christmas, my boyfriend and I got the keys to our new home. In the build up to moving in, I knew I was excited to create more content about and in my new house; I love interior design and want to share my ideas, as well as keep blogging about some my favourite things such as beauty and travel. The house move also gave the inspiration for the change, since our address is number 1, I thought Rebecca at Number One was the perfect name for my blog.

A new start in our new home, and a new start for my blog!


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