Why We Bought Our New Build Home

Since I owned a Victorian style doll’s house when I was younger, I’ve always dreamed of owning a period property. Give me picture rails, stained glass windows, tiled entrance halls, and original fireplaces and I would move in straight away. However, my boyfriend and I have just got the keys to our first house and… it’s a new build. I’ve been totally won over by this house and I’m a bit in love with it, something I never thought I’d say about a new build.img_8282I’d always thought new builds were uninspiring boxes with magnolia walls and no character but in August Andrew and I viewed a show house, out of curiosity, and immediately knew it was our home. The house is only five minutes away from where lived with my parents, so we already know and love the location. It’s a two bedroom end-terrace and, while it’s not huge, it’s exactly what we need in our first home.img_8283Of course, the show house was decorated beautifully and that helped to sell it to us but we were attracted by the space, the French doors in the kitchen leading out to the garden, and the big windows letting in lots of light. We could really see ourselves living there and I immediately stared to think about how we’d make it our own. I want to give the space character with some bold colours, retro style furniture and really show our personalities.  I also do want to embrace the house’s contemporary style, like the sleek glossy kitchen, which I adore, and the bright rooms. Most importantly, I want it to feel like our home.

In fact, a new build gives us more freedom to do this; the whole house is a blank canvas for us to make our own. It has never belonged to anyone else so we aren’t having to get rid of another person’s style and décor before we can start our own. There’s no dodgy wallpaper or questionable carpets, no Artexed ceilings or mismatched kitchens to deal with. Every bit of this house is ours to do as we like. As the house was still in building process when we reserved, we got the chance to choose things like the kitchen, flooring, and bathroom tiles, a luxury we wouldn’t have had in an older house.img_8285Financially, a new build made sense. We’d both been saving for around a year using Help to Buy ISAs and also used the Government’s Help to Buy Scheme to buy our property. This means that we only needed a 5% deposit, rather than the traditional 10%, so we could buy our house a lot sooner than we thought. If we’d bought an older house we’d need a 10% deposit which would have taken a lot longer for us to save for. I might write a post in the future explaining our experience of actually buying the house.

I may still imagine myself living in a period property in the future but, for now, I’m so happy with our new build and it makes the perfect starter home for us.

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