My Love of the Seasons

Recently, I wrote in a blogpost about how a change of season can bring new inspiration and motivation and, since it’s most definitely winter now, I’ve been thinking more about how I enjoy a change of season and how each one effects me. Although autumn is always my favourite season, I find summer, spring, and winter all bring their own positives as well as some things I don’t like.


I really enjoy the run up to Christmas; the decorations, the food, Christmas markets, the music, all the traditions that come with it like going to see Fenwick’s windows in Newcastle, spending an afternoon wrapping presents and writing cards, gingerbread lattes, Christmas jumpers and, of course, Christmas parties. But if it wasn’t for all of this I think I’d find winter pretty miserable. Certainly, after Christmas it’s really a struggle to get through January and February and their cold weather and dark nights. Living where I do we usually get the worst of the winter. Last year, for example, my whole town was completely cut off by the snow at the end of February.

Sometimes, I love the snow. When it’s freshly fallen and looks perfect there’s nothing better than wrapping up warm and going for a walk, or even building a snowman. But when I’ve got to struggle through the snow and ice to get to work, or when it all becomes slushy, I stop enjoying it and, instead, it becomes a huge inconvenience. The winter usually feels like it’ll never end and I’m always happy when spring comes along.


It feels so liberating when you can finally step outside without a huge coat. I love to start spending more time outside by going for walks or visiting places at the weekends. It also really makes me smile when the snowdrops start coming through, followed by the daffodils, and the sight of the first spring lambs. The transition to spring begins to make me feel more positive with its longer days and the gradually warming temperature gets me excited for what summer will bring.


Actually, I have very mixed feelings about summer. I’m not a summery person and don’t really like the heat. This summer was far too hot and I felt like I couldn’t sleep for weeks, finding myself wishing for colder weather. However, of course I have lots of memories of summer holidays and the warmer weather does give the chance to get out and about. I will try and make the most of every nice day and visit somewhere new, or go for a walk in one of my favourite places like the reservoir nearby or our gorgeous North East coast. Also, I really do love to enjoy a Pimm’s or a glass of cider sat outside in the sun. By the end of summer, though, I find myself getting excited for the cosier weather in autumn.


I have to say that autumn is my favourite season. It may be because I’m an October baby but as soon as the leaves start to change colour I get really excited. I have lots of memories from parties and trips away from my birthday in the autumn, so I think this season does make me quite nostalgic. I think it helps that I no longer associate autumn with going back to school and, instead, I get excited for the upcoming celebrations and festivities of my birthday and Christmas.

There’s nothing I love more than autumn leaves and I like to go for walks to enjoy all the gorgeous colours and I always smile as the leaves crunch under my feet. I tend to enjoy the cooler weather more than the heat of the summer and it means I can get cosied up in jumpers and boots. I like autumn and winter fashion the best because of the colours and I’m much more comfortable in a jumper and jeans than summer dresses.  This autumn I really tried hard to discover our local area – we visited Gibside, which is a National Trust Estate very close to us in Tyne and Wear, and the beautiful Cragside in Northumberland. They both look absolutely beautiful at this time of year. Last month, we took a trip to Beadnell on the Northumberland Coast, one of my favourite beaches, got wrapped up in a big bobble hat and scarf and made the most of the almost empty beach. The sun, low in the sky, looked stunning reflecting off the sand and water.img_8120I love how the seasons give variety to my year and I don’t think I’ll ever stop enjoying a change of season. As I’ve got older I’ve grown to appreciate the seasons more and enjoy what each one brings.

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