Christmas Party Makeup: How to Get that Flawless Festive Look

A Christmas party is my yearly chance to get really glammed up. I always make the most of this opportunity and I can’t say I’m particularly subtle or low key, in fact, I’m reaching straight for the glitter and the red lipstick. I think Christmas is fab time to have some fun with makeup and I love to feel glitzy and glamorous on the dance floor with a glass of prosecco in hand. I thought I’d share some of my favourite tips for creating a super-glam and flawless party look.img_5529Firstly, you want to make sure your make up is going to last all night. Prep your skin by cleansing and moisturising and use a primer under your foundation. I always go for a mattifying primer that is going to smooth out any pores and stop my skin getting oily. You might also want to pick a long lasting foundation that has good coverage to create a perfect base for bold makeup. Red lipsticks and bright eyeshadows can bring out redness in your skin so good foundation and concealer is important. I always use a setting spray after applying powders to keep everything in place

I also like to keep my base pretty simple if I’m going for bold lip or eye makeup. I’ll lightly contour and warm my face with bronzer, plus, plenty of highlighter is a must for me. Also keep your eyebrows neat and well groomed, fill them in if you want to, but use a brow gel to keep them in place.IMG_5501Personally, I don’t mind pairing a bold eye and lip together as I like to have as much fun with my makeup as possible but if you want to be a bit more subtle pick one of the two. A classic party eye look, for me, would be smoky shadow topped with plenty of glitter. If using a pressed glitter, try spraying your brush with setting spray before dipping it in the pan for extra impact. If using a loose glitter you’ll need to use a glitter glue, try Too Faced, and watch for fall out so try doing your eye makeup before your base. I love Urban Decay’s glitter liners as they come in a gel formula which means they don’t need anything to help them stick and there’s no fall out.IMG_5906A red lip is a classic for Christmas but it can get messy. Choose a formula with staying power and use a lip liner to prevent bleeding and easier application. This year I feel like doing a nude lip but if you wanted to add some extra glam, top your fave nude lipstick with a glitter gloss.

I love false lashes if I want to feel really glam, and while I’m not an expert at applying them, there are few tricks that really help. Firstly, I apply a layer of mascara. This helps your lashes to blend, important if you’ve got fair lashes, and can make applying the false lashes easier. I don’t usually wear lashes without liquid liner as this means you can worry less about having a slight gap between your natural lash line and the false lashes. Tightline by running a black pencil liner under your top lash line. This will help to blend your liner and lashes and give extra impact. My favourite lashes are Ardell Wispies, they natural and fluffy, and inexpensive. I use Duo glue, (let the glue become tacky before you apply your lashes) and use a pair of tweezers to apply the lashes, starting at your outer corner and working in, before using your fingers to squeeze your false and natural lashes together.

I’m really excited to get glammed up for my Christmas (I will be head to toe in glitter) and I hope everyone has fab time celebrating with their friends and family.

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