Life Update and Being a Bad Blogger

September marks my blog’s first birthday! So I thought I would celebrate by writing a blog post because I’ve been so rubbish at this lately. I’m going to talk about how I need to try harder but first I thought I would do a little life update, not that I’ve been doing much since my summer holidays but there is one very big, exciting thing that’s happening.

After our summer holiday in Dorset, the whole of Britain basked in glorious sunshine and hot weather and I hated it. I spent a week being ill with some sort of headache that made me sick – I don’t know whether this was caused by the heat but it definitely made it a lot worse. I’m really happy that since it turned September the weather has cooled down and I can finally crack out the boots and scarves.

img_7474Andrew and I celebrated our second anniversary in August with a meal at Dobson and Parnell, a gorgeous restaurant on the Newcastle Quayside, and few drinks in town. This brings me to our exciting news; we’re buying a house! We’ve been saving for a while but I wasn’t really expecting to start looking at houses until next year. However, I love scrolling through Rightmove having a nosey at houses for sale and spotted an advert for this one. It’s a new build and I noticed there was show home so we went and had a look. We both really loved it and a few days later I took my Mam to see when we got chatting to the sales woman and I realised we might actually be able to afford it. So a few phone calls later and we reserved it the following day. Since the house is still getting built we’re looking to move in Spring next year which gives us time to save for all the things we need to buy (there’s a lot!) We’re still at a very early stage sorting out the mortgage and deposit but I’m really excited for planning out the interior of house and going shopping for everything. I’m sensing a few homeware hauls coming on the blog!

Over the summer I’ve felt so unmotivated and uninspired towards my blog and even my Instagram, and I’m always posting on Insta. I haven’t felt like I’ve had much time for my blog and I haven’t been doing much worth blogging about. I’ve also been trying to save a bit of money and I find it hard to blog about beauty or fashion when I’m not spending money on new stuff. I’ve also kind of enjoyed having a little break from posting everything on Instagram and enjoying myself without thinking about angles or tucking into a meal without waiting to get a perfect photo first.

img_7476It’s strange, but I always feel a change of season brings inspiration. It makes me think of opportunities for new content and all the plans I’ve got for the coming months. I still want to post about beauty, since it’s my favourite topic, and I’m going to have to be clever with saving some money and reusing some old products. I’m definitely going to be back to posting on Instagram – one thing I’ve found helps is taking a couple of photos while I’m out for food or spending time with someone, then putting my phone away and posting later meaning I’m still enjoying the moment while keeping my feed up to date.

This has been such a long, rambling post but there was so much I wanted to talk about. I’m excited for all my ideas and making some new content, hopefully I’ll be a better blogger in the coming months!

5 thoughts on “Life Update and Being a Bad Blogger

  1. Happy blog birthday and congrats on the house!! I feel exactly the same about new seasons, new starts, its perfect. I can’t wait to see what it brings to you ❤ (also you look beaut!)

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