Visiting Dorset

I’m a little late writing this one since we visited about a month ago but in July I spent a week in Dorset with the boyfriend and my family. I absolutely loved the place; everywhere is gorgeous, meaning there’s loads of Instagram opportunities, and there’s so much to do.

img_7183We stayed on a campsite near the village of Corfe which is the most pretty, picture postcard place I’ve ever seen. It’s got plenty of cute little shops and a good few pubs which are great for food. The village sits underneath the impressive ruin of Corfe Castle. It’s now owned by the National Trust and we had loads of fun exploring the ruins and enjoying the amazing views from the top.


There was a cute, old fashioned train station near our campsite where we got the steam train into Swanage, which is a little town by the coast. The weather was gorgeous when we were here and we all enjoyed ice cream while sitting by the bay.



Probably my favourite day of the holiday was spent in Bournemouth. I was really impressed by how much there was to do and see, it seems like a really vibrant place, and somewhere I really want to go back to as we didn’t get enough tie to explore everything. We ate lunch in a restaurant with a little terrace overlooking the sea before going down to the beach. Bournemouth has a seven mile stretch of beach and its really gorgeous, complete with cute little beach huts. There’s also a park, a pier, and Ferris wheel all near the seafront.

We also spent a few hours in Poole admiring the enormous yachts and dreaming of owning a house in Sandbanks, which is one of the most expensive places to own a home in the U.K. Poole Harbour is also beautiful, and there’s a gorgeous beach. If I ever win the lottery, this is definitely where I’m moving to.
img_7151Somewhere I’d been really excited to visit was Durdle Door, which is a huge, naturally formed arch on the coast. Unfortunately this was the worst day we got for weather but it was still a really impressive sight.img_7158.jpgWe spent our last day in the little town of Wareham, which is near our campsite, where we hired paddleboards and canoes to explore the river before a few glasses of Pimm’s sat outside a pub right next to the river. Wareham is also such a pretty place, I honestly can’t get over how nice everywhere is in Dorset!

I loved our time in Dorset and we’re all really keen to go back as there’s still so much we haven’t seen and some many places that we want to visit again. I would definitely recommend Dorset as the perfect destination for a holiday if you aren’t wanting to travel abroad, and if you get the beautiful weather that we did, you may as well be abroad.

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