Why I Buy and Love High End Makeup

My love of makeup definitely started with drugstore brands. In my last years of secondary school I remember switching between Maybelline and L’Oréal foundation and always using Rimmel mascara. I think it was in my last year of sixth form where I started to love brands like Urban Decay and Benefit and, while I would definitely still recommend lots of drugstore products, it’s the higher end makeup that I really covet.

img_6874I’ve never had mountains of money to spend on makeup so when I was younger and working part time I would have to really carefully choose the more pricey makeup I bought. With my first ever lot of pay from my first job I bought the original Urban Decay Naked palette. I loved it so much and wore the nude shades every day to sixth form and the gold and bronze shimmers every Saturday night. Even now that I have a good collection of palettes it’s still a classic. My best friend and I loved to go to MAC and choose a lipstick every time we went shopping – I was so into red lipstick that I’ve got nearly every shade!

While brands like Urban Decay and Benefit aren’t as high end as, say, Chanel or YSL they’re still less affordable than most drugstore brands. Nearly every bit of pricier makeup I’ve bought has been something I’ve wanted for a while and I’ll often research to make sure its going to be worth the money and try and find the best price. I rarely buy makeup on a whim and most things I buy are recommendations from YouTubers and bloggers. I remember my friend and I being so excited to go and buy the Nars Sheer Glow foundation, the first high-end foundation I owned, because it’s what Zoella and Tanya Burr always wore at the time.img_6875While there are some brilliant and affordable makeup brands out there now, NYX, Kiko, and Soap and Glory to name some favourites, buying high end makeup just has something extra for me. Getting a new palette or foundation that I’ve been lusting after will always be a big treat for me and I find it so exciting testing out something new for the first time. With high end makeup the quality of the product is usually better and the packaging more luxurious which adds to the whole experience of using the makeup – sometimes I am guilty of getting my makeup out just to admire it. I’ll admit that my makeup collection now adds up to a fair amount of money (an amount I don’t really want to know) but because I enjoy using all the products so much, for me, I think it’s worth it.

My next purchase is probably going to be a Guerlain bronzer; I got a sample a while ago and it’s the best bronzer I’ve ever tried so that’s top of my list. I really fancy writing a follow up post with my favourite high-end and drugstore products – what do you think?


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