It’s All in the Base

As much as I love bold makeup and making my eyes or lips centre of attention recently I’ve been preferring to keep the focus on my base and I’ve found a few tricks to get that perfect glowy look.

A perfected base looks fab with just mascara and nude lips for a day to day look. One of my favourite things to do is mix liquid highlighter with my moisturiser and use it all over as a base under my foundation. I’ve been using Barry M Liquid Chrome highlighter drops mixed with my usual moisturiser which, as well as shine, also gives a little bit of coverage. My foundation goes over the top really nicely and gives a gorgeous natural “glow from within” look. I’ve been using the Too Faced Born This Way foundation and love it for its good coverage without being matte.

I also love focusing on my base when I’m doing night out. Recently I went out in this bright red midi dress from ASOS and really felt like I wanted to do a toned down makeup. I spent lots of time on my base, making sure it was flawless with lots of bronzer and highlighter but without heavy, cakey coverage. I kept it glam with a gold eyeshadow and lots of mascara. My lipstick was MAC Honey Love, definitely a new favourite!

It’s also important to me that my make up lasts well as I have oily skin so I tend to use lots of powder to make sure everything’s set. To make sure my face doesn’t look heavy and powdery I use MAC Fix+ spray after powder and bronzer and it’s my favourite new thing. I’m obsessed with how smooth it makes my skin look and helps all my makeup to settle into my face.

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