Stepping Up my Jewellery Game

So I pick out a great outfit, throw it on,  do my makeup, do my hair, then run out the door and completely forget about any jewellery or accessories. Every day. I’ve got so much jewellery that I love but rarely wear and so I’ve started making more of an effort to add that something extra to my outfit each day. I thought I would go through some of my favourite pieces that I’ve been wearing more of; some of it is fine jewellery that’s sentimental and some is just costume jewellery that I really love.

Because I can’t wear them for work I always forget about rings. One of my favourites is a delicate, silver ring that I picked up in Covent Garden Market a few years ago. It’s handmade and I love how simple it is but still a unique design. My gold wishbone ring was my grandma’s but she gave it to me as she doesn’t wear it any more and I loved it straight away.

I have my ears pierced twice, and although it took me a while to pluck up the courage to get them done again, I love wearing my earrings in different combinations. I especially like these tiny hoops from the Z Range at Accessorize, they came in a set of three pairs each plated with gold, rose gold, or silver. They’re the perfect thing to combine with bigger hoops or small studs. Hoop earrings tend to be my go to for any occasion and I think I have a pair in every size possible!

While I would like more ear piercings I’m too much of wimp and it’s never going to happen. However, I’ve found ear cuffs can help me achieve the look I want without all the pain. I found these gorgeous ones from Pinch and Fold and think they’re fab for adding a little extra detail and sparkle to a look. The best thing is they come packaged in a cute little jar which has my name pressed into the lid and a little handwritten card, and there’s nothing I love more than little touches like this when buying from a company. You should definitely check out their website as they do loads of amazing jewellery.

One of my favourite accessories that I wear with every outfit is my Olivia Burton watch. I had coveted these watches for a while, they do amazingly pretty, unique watches, but I eventually went for the black leather strap and large gold face as I think it’s classic and timeless, and always goes with everything.

3 thoughts on “Stepping Up my Jewellery Game

  1. I love your piercings! I always wanted more ear piercings, but I’m too afraidto get them done. Also, the shop you mentioned has got really nice stuff!


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