What I Eat in a Day: Meat Free Monday

I’ve been trying to be a bit more mindful about what I’m eating recently and felt really excited to do a “What I Eat in a Day” post. I haven’t been perfect, takeaways and McDonald’s have still been creeping in, but small things like making sure I have a proper breakfast and prepping my work lunches make me feel a lot happier about myself and food. I chose to do this post on a day off work but I hadn’t really planned what I was going to eat. It ended up being a completely meat free day which wasn’t a conscious decision but I never think that I need to eat meat as part of a meal.

Even though it was a day off I had to be up for an early appointment so I made a fairly quick breakfast. I have porridge nearly every morning and always use the Quaker Oats sachets which are so easy to make in the microwave. This morning I added frozen berries which I’d microwaved for a couple of minutes but often I’ll add fresh fruit, honey, or yoghurt. Recently I’ve loved getting up and out early with a good breakfast much more than being lazy on my days off.

After my appointment I came home and had a Nakd bar as a morning snack. I’m obsessed with the cocoa orange flavour – it actually tastes chocolatey and not too healthy!

After spending all morning taking blog photos my boyfriend and I decided to drive into Durham for some lunch. We went to Flat White Café, one of my favourite places because it does really nice food and drinks in such a cool setting. I went for avocado on sourdough toast, topped with nigella and sesame seeds, and chilli oil. I know I’m being a stereotypical blogger here but it was delicious, and I wanted something not too heavy before my run that night. It was really nice weather so we had a walk down the river and once I spotted a tree of blossom I had to have a photoshoot.


For tea, (I’m northern, I call dinner tea, don’t argue) it was quick and simple after my run that night. We had bean burritos; refried beans with tomatoes, peppers, and a bit of chilli wrapped up in a tortilla, topped with crème fraiche and a sprinkle of cheese. It’ not the best thing to photograph but its actually yummy and quite healthy too.


I loved doing this post as it was a different way to document my day, and made sure I took my camera along with me. I really want to write some more of these, maybe What I Eat on a Work Day, or What I Eat on Holiday?

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