My Marathon Challenge: Completed

On the 25th of February I ran all 26.2 miles of the Malta Marathon and oh my god it was hard. I struggled from before half way and  finished around an hour over the time I’d expected. It felt as if I’d never ran before!


Training hadn’t gone as well as we’d hoped because of the weather but I was still fairly confident before the run. It could’ve been because I was tired from travelling, or the warmer weather, but really it just wasn’t my day.


However, I’d never really been aiming for a time so I still achieved exactly what I wanted to and ran a marathon! It was also a great way to see a beautiful country and I loved the support from all the locals, other runners, and volunteers along the route. We had our names on the front of our vests which was a great way of getting a few extra cheers!


Overall, I’m happy I got to have that experience. It was a day of mixed emotions; smiling for the first six miles, having a little breakdown towards the end, and crying in relief as I crossed the finish. I’m in no rush but I really want to have another go at a marathon and try and get a time I’m a bit happier with.

As well as running a marathon we also managed to raise loads of money for St. Cuthbert’s Hospice. We haven’t got a final total yet but it’s around £800 which we’re so happy with and can’t thank everyone who donated enough.

You can still donate here and help us support a wonderful cause!

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