Pocket Sized Prints: The HP Sprocket

I’m always taking photos on my phone whenever I’m out with friends, family, or my boyfriend and while I love to share them Instagram or flick through my camera roll to remind me of all the memories, I don’t think anything beats a printed photo. Usually I order prints online and have to wait for them to be delivered but then I heard of the HP Sprocket and really wanted to give it a go. ACS_0001

The Sprocket is  a portable printer that can easily fit into a handbag and prints photos directly from your phone. All you need to do is download the app which makes printing photos so easy! The app also lets you edit your photos and add stickers, frames, and type to make your prints unique. IMG_6239

The prints are 2×3″ so while they are small, they’re the perfect size to get creative with. I like to pin mine to my wall or, since it’s Valentine’s Day, I used mine to create a personalised card for my boyfriend. The back of the prints peel off so they can be used as stickers so it’s super easy to get crafty with them!

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