Pink for Valentine’s

Recently I picked up the Juvia’s Place Mini Masquerade Palette and the gorgeous, bright pink shade Bori, instantly inspired this makeup look. And with Valentine’s day coming up soon I thought it would be the perfect look for your Valentine’s date.

IMG_6169The palette has 16 shades; from vibrant pinks, purples, and turquoise to earthy browns and reds all in a range of shimmers and mattes. This palette has everything you need to create any bold eye makeup. The shadows are all beautifully pigmented and blendable making it really easy to use. The palette is priced at £30 which I think is really great value for 16 high quality shades.

IMG_1626I prepped my lids primer, concealer and powder to create a blank, matte canvas and then went in with the shade Fulani as a transition above my crease, taking it high up to my brow bone. I then used Zobo, a deep purple-pink to build up depth in my crease. I took this right towards my inner corner and blended it up and out towards my brow bone, giving a blown out, diffused look. I also took this shade under my eye, blending it well.

IMG_1628To get the most out the pink shade Bori I sprayed a flat shadow brush with setting spray and used it to pack the shadow onto my lid. I then used the light shimmer shade Giza to highlight the very centre of my lid. I finished by highlighting my inner corner and brow bone using Becca Moonstone highlighter and adding lashes. If you’d like to see what I used for my base check out my Fenty Beauty Review here.

I love how this look is so bright and fun but by keeping it well blended and soft it was actually easy to wear, especially with a nude lipstick and perfected but simple base.

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