Caring for my Coloured Hair

Recently I had (another) major hair change and dyed my previously bleached ombre hair a deep mahogany red. I loved how it looked when I came out the salon, it felt so healthy and shiny, and I wanted to keep it feeling this way at home.


I’ve been using Aussie Colour Mate shampoo when washing my hair and found this has worked really well. My colour was fading a lot where my hair had been bleached but now it has been lasting really well and I’ve been able to wait longer between hairdresser’s appointments. It has also kept the colour near my roots, where my hair wasn’t bleached, nice and bright. I’ve been using the Colour Mate conditioner as well after shampooing and my hair has felt really soft and healthy.


I always use an oil before blow drying my hair to keep the ends in good condition, my favourites are OGX Argan Oil and Josh Wood Radiant Shine oil, but I’ve also been using Aussie’s Miracle Shine Conditioning spray. I love how this has kept my hair looking shiny and vibrant even weeks after visiting the hairdresser’s.

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