Christmas DIY Garland

I’m not the best at getting crafty but this garland is so simple to make and I think the end result is so fab and festive.


I started by drying sliced oranges. Do this by laying out slices, about 5mm thick, on a wire rack and place in the oven at 120º for about 3 hours.

I bought a bag of scented pine cones for £5 in a craft shop and used craft wire to wrap around them so they could be attached to the string. Fake berries would be a good addition but I couldn’t get hold of any so I used a string of red beads which I think works just as well to add a bit of colour.


I threaded a length of string through a large needle and began to tread on my slices of oranges, in groups of two or three, and alternately tie on the beads and pine cones.


I kept my garland quite simple but you could add anything, including real greenery like holly or berries.

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