ASOS Own Brand Makeup Review

I’m a huge fan of ASOS clothes so I was really excited to see they were bringing out their own makeup range. The range came out in September, I’ve actually had these products since then and I’ve only just got round to writing this post, but apparently it’s being extended in the new year. I hoped it would have the same style, quality, and value for money as I think their clothing range usually does.


While I buy makeup online quite often I’ve usually seen the products in shops beforehand so I can get a good idea of the shades. Obviously, ASOS are online only and this made choosing shades a bit tricky, especially as the photographs on the website weren’t that clear. I decided to order the mascara, a lipstick, a blush, and an eyeshadow palette to get a good feel of the range. I think the simple approach to the packaging is super effective and really cute, as well as being a dream to photograph. It’s not of the highest quality but I appreciate how this keeps the cost of the products down. Everything in the range is priced between £5 and £12 which I think is really good value.


Firstly, I like the formula of the mascara. It’s really volumising although if you like your lashes really separated it’s probably not for you. I did have a problem with the wand as I find it just too big for me meaning application was quite messy.

I chose the lipstick in the shade “Uncompromising.” The pigment of the lipstick was really nice although it’s not a colour I would choose to wear very often. The matte formula wasn’t the most comfortable but it did last on my lips all day. I’d like to try more of their lipsticks in shades that I would get more wear out of.IMG_5513I ordered the blush in the shade “Acceptance.” The blush is so pigmented you need a really light hand to apply it with. I do like the colour I chose; it’s quite a dark yet natural pink with a bit of a purple tone. I’m never quite sure of whether I suit blush and I find I’m a bit scared of it, but once I blended it I was happy with the healthy flush it gave my skin.IMG_5515They have a range of neutral eyeshadow palettes but I ordered the one called “Out Out” which has brighter, bold colours and glitters. I was really excited about the eyeshadow palette because I think the shades in it are so unique and I was impressed they’d gone for something a bit different. It includes four shades in shimmer; a bronze-gold, a dark brown, a cranberry shade, and a deep green, as well as two sheer glitters in silver and grey. I really want to use this palette to do a Christmas look as I think the shades are so festive but I was a bit disappointed as I found they came out a bit muddy and I would have loved for them to be brighter. I’m definitely going to experiment more with this palette though and see what I can do.

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