My Marathon Challenge

In February next year I will be travelling to Malta, alongside my mam, to run the Malta Marathon 2018.

IMG_5276 Running a marathon is something we’ve both always wanted to do but never committed to so we decided to do Malta as it’s in a place we both love to visit so it’ll feel even more special. While I would count myself as a fairly experienced runner and I’ve already ran several half marathons the thought of running 26.2 miles is pretty terrifying. However, we’ve got a training plan sorted and we’re confident we’ll be able to do it, and for some extra motivation we’ve decided to run in aid of St. Cuthbert’s Hospice in Durham. This is an amazing cause which is really close to our hearts as they cared for my granddad before he passed away from cancer a few years ago. We want to help them carry on their amazing work so we’re hoping to raise plenty of money for them; you can donate to our Just Giving page here.


Our training has really just begun in the last couple weeks and so far it’s going well although it is being made harder by the dark nights and cold weather which is only going to get worse. I’m praying for a mild, snow-free winter! I’m going to try and post (probably monthly) updates of our training on here as well as talking about our nutrition and planning for the race – please let me know if you have any questions!


Again, it would be really appreciated if you could donate anything to help raise money for an amazing cause! Our Just Giving Page

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