Gymshark: Haul and Review

Gymshark has been such a hyped-up brand over the past couple of years and, since I have a gymwear obsession, I’ve been keen to get my hands on it.


I actually made an order a few months ago and was quite disappointed. I ordered the Ribbon Crop Top which I was happy with, as well as the Fit leggings. I ordered these in small, my usual size in most brands, but unfortunately these seemed to be extremely small. In fact, I thought they had confused my leggings with a children’s size when I took them out the packaging. I did manage to squeeze into them but they were so see through! definitely inappropriate for the gym! I returned them and I’ve recently made another go of Gymshark, thankfully with a bit more success this time.

One thing I really like about Gymshark is it’s packaging. Gymshark scores really highly here as all there packaging, including labels, tags, and separate garment bags, are really high quality and this really adds to the experience of buying from them. I also think Gymshark’s price range is reasonable. You can get cheaper gymwear in loads of high street stores now but their prices aren’t as high as a lot of brands like Nike, Adidas, or Sweaty Betty. Their products are good quality and because of this I’m willing to pay around £40.00 for a pair of leggings, but probably not any more than this.

Seamless Leggings – £40.00

I am in love with these leggings! For me, they’re a little pricey but I think it was worth it. They’re so comfy as the high, seamless waist means there’s no waistband to dig in and the fabric definitely thick enough to pass the squat test. I bought these in the colour Beet Marl which I love as its so deep and autumnal, and they really stand out in the gym. The little details on the ankles and the textured panels really add to the feeling of quality.


Impulse Pullover – £36.00 

When I ordered this it was in the sale so I think I paid about £25.00. I love tops like this for the winter, they make a great outer layer to wear during a warm up, to chuck on to go to the gym, or to wear while running in the cold. It hasn’t really been cold enough yet to give it a good test but I’m already impressed with the details on this top. The zip is nice and deep making it easy to get on and off, it has thumb holes in sleeves, and a little pocket which is really handy for a key while running.

Flex Leggings – £32.00 

I’ve seen so many people with these leggings and I was really excited to try them. They’ve recently released a new range of colours so I got mine in Charcoal and Peach Pink. I really like the fabric of the leggings, it’s thick and comfortable but I was a bit disappointed with these. I prefer a high waistband as I think its more comfortable and practical for a workout but the waistband on these is a bit low for me; I feel like you need to be quite confident to wear these with a crop. The quality of these definitely feels a bit poorer than the Seamless Leggings, but I am still going to get lots of use out of them at the gym.

Overall, my experience with Gymshark was a lot better this time and I’ll definitely be ordering more from them in the future.

Love, Rebecca x



One thought on “Gymshark: Haul and Review

  1. I’ve been buying Gymshark since they first started and have loved everything – yes the leggings can be see-through at times but I find its all to do with sizing on myself. I recently dropped a size and the leggings were a bit more see through around my bum (particularly when I’m squatting), although this is changing weekly as I continue to lose weight. I’m not saying its the same for you of course, but I’ve never had any real issues with the company and I’m loving all of their new releases x


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