My Skincare Saviours

Since being a teenager I have tried so many skin care products and have struggled to find any that really work and make a difference to my skin. However, I have found a few products that have really improved my skin and now I couldn’t live without them.

IMG_5391 (2)

Lush “Ultrabland” Cleanser – £7.95 

This is balm cleanser with a lovely oily, soft texture. I started using this a few years ago as my second cleanse when I still had problematic, teenage skin. I’d always used washes and cleansers like Clearasil to no avail but then this made such a big difference. I used to get areas on my face that would always breakout but these cleared up straight away and since then spots haven’t been much of concern for me. It leaves my skin feeling really nourished and healthy, unlike drying face washes. It is quite oily and can leave some residue on the skin and I have found other balm cleansers that are better for avoiding this, such as the Emma Hardie Moringa Balm. However, in terms of value for money, and this cleanser is so effective, I think it’ll always be a favourite.

Origins “Out of Trouble” Mask – £25.00 IMG_5405 (2)

This mask is a little pricey but it works so well I think its worth it, also it does come in a large tube so it lasts for ages. Whenever my skin is playing up this is my go-to product to help sort it out. It dries out and reduces spots, reduces oiliness, and improves my skin’s texture. I like to use this the night before events or occasions and I know that when I wake up my skin will look so much clearer. It’s the most effective mask I’ve used and definitely one I’ll keep repurchasing despite the price.


Pixi “Glow Tonic” – £18.00 IMG_5403 (2)

I started using this around a year ago after it being recommended by so many bloggers. It is a little expensive so I tested it out with a travel size but I’m now onto my second full size bottle. I never believed a toner would have that much of an effect but the results were almost instant. It really brightens my skin and leaves it smoother. I also love how refreshing it is, especially after using an oily cleanser. It now always has a place in my routine and I couldn’t be without it.


The Ordinary “Niacinamide 10% and Zinc 1%” – £5.00 IMG_5399 (2)

This isn’t a product I’ve been using for very long but already I’m a big fan. I get very oily in the centre of my face and have been looking for ages for something to combat this. I use this serum every morning in my routine and its made a really big difference to how shiny my face gets through the day. It hasn’t completely solved the problem but my makeup is lasting longer and some days I don’t need to top up with powder at all, something I used to do several times a day as I was really self-conscious about my oily skin. Also, for £5.00 for a bottle which will last me for ages as you only need a drop, it’s probably the best value product I’ve ever used.

Let me know – what are your skin care products you couldn’t live without?

Love, Rebecca x

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