September: My First Month Blogging

I achieved two things in September, finally starting the blog I’ve said would start for ages and actually keeping it up for a whole month, posting five blog posts.


I started a blog a couple years ago which was going to be all about food, cooking, and baking but I never kept it up, probably because I was still busy with sixth form and I always found it hard to stick to anything. This summer, however, I got a new, full time job but wanted to do something extra, like start a new hobby. I like being creative and decided that maybe now would be a good time to start a blog. I got planning and found I had loads of ideas and wanted to share my ideas about all the things I love. I think the content of my blog will be quite wide, from beauty to travel, fitness, and lifestyle. In the future it might change to more or even fewer topics, but for now I’m writing about whatever I feel like.

Until recently, the only blogs I really followed were probably the most well known ones, such as The Anna Edit or Sprinkle of Glitter. I also followed a couple girls on twitter who blog but I had no idea how big the blogging community was. I began following more smaller blogs, mostly of girls my own age, to find out how they blogged, what they blogged about and just to find out what I was getting in to. This was really helpful. Although I want my blog to be something I enjoy writing for myself, finding accounts such as Bloggers Tribe on Twitter also excited me as I had found a way I can get more people reading my posts.

However, the blogging community also intimidates me. It feels like starting a new school or job where everyone already knows each other, where they’re going, and what they’re doing. I think the best thing I can do is to follow more blogs, keep writing, and as I get more into it I’ll keep learning.

It has surprised me how much work goes into blogging and how hard it can be, like being organised, finding time to write and take photos, finding inspiration for content, being dedicated enough to keep it up, and promoting your post once it’s published. Hopefully, this won’t put me off and I’ll keep blogging and my blog will keep on improving.

I’ve really enjoyed my first month on my blog and can’t wait to see how it goes in the future. How did you feel when you started blogging? Have you got any tips?

Love, Rebecca x

2 thoughts on “September: My First Month Blogging

  1. Hi lovely! I can really relate to you, I started blogging properly this past month myself. I’ve had my blog for ages but as I used to teach I never had the spare time to put into my blog. Now I’m on a bit of a gap year, I’ve put so much more time into my blog and really enjoyed it. It is a lot a work but I think it is also so rewarding and I’m now beginning to get a lot more confident!
    My one tip would be don’t be intimidated by the blogging community at all! Everyone helps each other out and are very supportive of each other. Also in the long run we all share such similar interests so you’ll find that making friends is very easy! I hope you continue to enjoy your blogging journey 💞
    Lulu xox


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