What I Wore on Holiday

Before I went to Malta I didn’t actually do that much holiday shopping and mainly took clothes that I already had and some of them I’d already been wearing through the summer. However, I thought I’d show you some of my favourite pieces that I wore while on holiday.

My first favourite were the Mom style shorts from ASOS. Usually I find it really hard to find denim shorts that fit and that I feel comfortable in but I loved these. The shape meant they fitted nicely on my waist and weren’t tight around my thighs and also weren’t too short. I wore these with a few outfits on holiday as I found the blue wash was really versatile.

Another thing was this watermelon swimming costume from Primark. it only cost around £4, and while its not the most high quality or best fitting swimming costume, I loved the print and the low back made it that bit more grown up. It was what I reached for fist when going for a dip in the pool.

IMG_5266These navy trousers from Matalan were great for evenings as they were quite lightweight but have a bright orange stripe which keeps them fun and summery. I paired them with a plain white cami and an orange lipstick for a simple outfit when going out for a meal and drinks in Valletta.

IMG_5156A summer dress is a holiday staple and I loved the versatility of this blue off the shoulder one from ASOS. Firstly, in its my favourite colour and the jersey fabric combined with the loose fit and the tassels on the shoulders made it the perfect laid back outfit for an evening, when worn with a pair of wedges, or great for the beach or poolside over a bikini with flip flops. I wore this a few times on holiday; on an evening and it was really easy to chuck on during the day.

IMG_5277 (2)This last piece has been one of my favourites over the whole summer. These River Island trousers have a beautiful, detailed print and are made of a lightweight fabric making them so comfortable on holiday. One thing that disappoints me about these trousers is that they aren’t long enough, on me, to wear with heels and I had to wear them with flat sandals. I would love to be able to wear these with a pair of heels as I think they would make a gorgeous, sophisticated outfit for going out.

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